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Mein Gott: The Untold History of Adolf Hitler Posing For Highly Compromising Photos

One of world history's biggest & most nefarious villains had a passion for genocide... And posing for odd pictures, too. Few people in the history of the…

by Michael Butler

Maryann (BaeGod) – “Struggle Rapper”

Vic Mensa x Kanye West x DJ Yahmean – “You Mad?’

17th April

Question. You mad or what? (more…)

by HypeFresh


Tune is Still Tune: Why Lil Wayne is Still Relevant and Why You Shouldn’t Write Him Off Yet

Lil Wayne has been in the game for almost two decades now and continues to prove that he is still one of the best lyricists…

by Che` Rogers


“No Catcalling” signs pop up in NYC and Philadelphia

This is a trend we'd like to see started. 'No Catcalling" signs spread throughout all major cities that appear just as often as parking signs.…

by Megan Berberich'

New Orleans Pelicans Fly High Into First Playoffs Since 2011

VIDEO: Rihanna – “American Oxygen” (Official Video)

16th April

Whoa. (more…)

by HypeFresh


From Panama To Coachella: Los Rakas Want You To “Meneate”

From the "rakataka" slums of Panama to the biggest stages in the world, Los Rakas is back with another hit. Take a bit of hip-hop,…

by Michael Butler