Ikes Will Be The Next Generation of Hip Hop’s Rising Greats


“Walk To Freedom”. Ikes new single is inspired by the Nelson Mandela movie, “Long Walk To Freedom” Listening to the lyrics to this song, you’ll understand why.

There’s just no way to deny what you’ll hear by listening | experiencing the music video below. When HF® journalists sat down to hear what “Ikes” had to say lyrically, we said “Y-Ikes” this is some hot s&^t.” Immediately, we ran back to the HF® office and supported this brother. (No lies)

As we always say, “true Hip Hop” is rare to find in today’s watered down mainstream market. (Wouldn’t you agree?) It’s a beautiful thing to hear talented artists like Ikes come to the table with something worth your time and potentially – your money. 

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Clark Kennedy


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