11- Year Old Lebron James Jr. Offered Scholarships To Duke & Kentucky

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All eyes are on Lebron! It seems as though the "James" family are a winning team right now. Especially Lebron James Jr. This is not the first time we heard of Lebron James Jr getting attention from colleges. There were previous allegations of scouting at AAU and even conversations with coaches, which isn't allowed before High School, but there are loopholes in everything. Ohio State Head Coach once stated that "he's definitely on the Buckeyes radar for future reference".


Lebron James Sr., may be proud. "He plays just like his dad" -Lebron James stated. But he isn't too fond of all the attention while he is only 11. I mean that's ridiculous! Jr has also been scouted by University of Kentucky's Head Coach, John Calipari after a game in Lexington. According to ESPN, this 11 year old star has " standing scholarship offers " from Kentucky & Duke OSU! The Wildcats and others were also in attempts of recruiting. " This should be a violation. You can't recruit 11 year old athletes." And even Lebron himself feels the same. There are other NBA prodigy's in the making. They include Zaire Wade and Shareef O'neal. Seems like all three are getting hoop buzz from colleges already. Thoughts?