J57's "No Future" Challenges Personal Beliefs

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Just ahead of J57's forthcoming LP "I'm the J57" set to drop 1/19/16, the Brooklyn bred producer/lyricist leaks "No Future" via FiveSeven Music. J57 has been on a rolling streak with drops in 2016, keeping his musical sound diverse and widespread, already having three previous singles from "I'm the J57" debuted to date. Pushing the envelope within genre, seeking to expand the perception of music acceptance from everyone who listens. Even if this record isn't their favorite, the message in "No Future" is quite clear: "do you".

"Honestly, just live the life you want to live. *Laughs*. Says J57 to HYPEFRESH, casually sipping on a glass water. "Live without fear. Do you. Forget about religion, genres, genders and parameters..."

And without question, "No Future" takes a rebellious approach in how it's social stature presents itself. Sonically, notes of a 'stadium' sound similar to the likes of a Queen or Coldplay graces the track. Slightly distorted and gritty, with heavy vocal hook overlays and layering, followed by clean, polished verses; the recipe to a successful smash hit.

"Who knows what the future holds, so your time is now. Do you."