OutLaw Drops Grimy Single, "Stressin"

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Produced by the UK Trap masters themselves, Stööki Sound in collaboration with Outlaw and producer LSL, they have concocted a powerful trap tinged original that is as emotional as it is musically moving. Stressin is a sonic grime-like representation of what it means to grab life by the horns and take matters into your own hands. It’s a lyrical journey through the mind of Outlaw that strays from any sugar-coating and serves the authentic rawness that he is known for in combination with Stööki’s signature 808 madness. Stressin premiered on Tuesday July 14th, 2016 via Earmilk, and is available to stream exclusively on Soundcloud.

“Stressin is a result of alot of turmoil going on in my life and me deciding that I refused to let it swallow me up.. In essence it's a metaphorical "F you" to anyone or anything that tries to bring stress into my life.”

- Outlaw

When the first bassline hits your speakers and expels the low end fury that Stressin is serving up you know you are in for some grimy goodness. The chorus will creep up and showcase the true vibes that Outlaw naturally expresses without stressin' himself too much. Dropping the same day as his first ever headlining show taking place this Thursday, July 14th at Los Angeles’ very own Los Globos nightclub, there’s no better place to hear Stressin than in it’s truest form live and directly from Outlaw himself. Join us as we venture into the world of a lyrical genius.

Outlaw is an artist and craftsman of a very particular, eclectic sound. Energy from the UK Grime scene, gritty New York lyrical ability & good vibes directly from the islands are the three main ingredients that make up this well blended + equally well received fusion. Through his appearances on stage specifically in London, New York and Los Angeles; he has become known for his energy, stage presence & ability to connect with new crowds. Check out the dope track below!