10 Things College Bound Seniors Should Do Before Graduation

From a college senior to high school seniors.
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It's October, you're in your second month of senior year and then, bam, it hits you: "Wtf I'm graduating in eight months?!" We've all been there, there's so much to do in so little time. You may not have even began looking at colleges yet, (and that's okay!) but when you do there'll be essays to write, applications to fill out, and free money to (hopefully) find. 

It ain't gonna be easy but this list will help make the transition a little sweeter. Take some time out of that busy schedule of yours to accomplish at least one thing below, believe me - you won't regret it. 

1. Take at least one class (or join a club) you don't think you'll be interested in. 

Take a chance. College will be full of choices and new opportunities and it can be kind of overwhelming. Especially since no one really knows what the hell they want to be in that first year. It'll all be easier to figure out if you've experienced lots of different things - so give everything a try!

2. Read at least one book, (assigned or not) while you still can. 

I know, Sparknotes is the GOAT, but you should still take the time to actually read a book before you graduate. Because reading for pleasure? Unheard of in the adult world. You'll thank me when you're stuck reading 30 pages a night out of your ridiculously over-priced textbook that you absolutely hate. 

3. At the very least, find out what you can't f**king stand. 

Dude, college ain't cheap. Take some time figuring out what you really do not like and consider staying away from those things. It'll save you time and money when it finally comes time to declare a major and FYI it's always best to go with what you love. 

4. Talk to everyone, especially those you wouldn't usually speak to.

Forget societal norms. There are over 6.6 billion people in this world, they're not all going to be just like you - and that's a good thing! Take some time to reach out to people you never would have given the time of day. Who knows? You may meet your new BFF.  

5. Learn everything there is to know about voting. Register!

There ain't a class in high school to teach you about confusing adult things like voting and how the hell to do it. So, take it upon yourself or ask a teacher for help. Teenagers are some of the most underrepresented people when it comes to voter turnout. Even if you don't turn 18 in time for the big election this November, register as soon as you can and always, always vote.

6. Get a job.

Best way to prepare yourself for the real world? Um, work in the real world. Making your own money is rewarding and it'll help you gain responsibility. If that's not convincing enough, two words, employee discount. 

7. Create a resume.

Even if it only lists your whack summer job. Who cares if it's dry? You will need it after graduation, so hop to it. Need help? Look here. 

8. Go off the grid for 24 hours.

As the generations go on, technology becomes more important to our society. That's cool and all but in case of a total disastrous situation where technology is no more (knock on wood, am I right?) you should learn how to live without it. Snapchat is life but try to go without it, for 24 hours at least, flex those social skills instead. 

9. Go. To. Prom.

It's cheesy and totally awkward but it's a memory you don't want to miss. It could be as lame, or awesome as you make it. You'll have to go to find out. 

10. Thank your favorite teacher.

Teachers are saints, even the really mean ones. They get paid close to nothing to educate their students and let's face it, kids can be jerks. Maybe you weren't the best student or maybe you were, either way let 'em know you care. Besides, it's always a good idea to maintain relationships. Maybe they'll have connections to help you in the future.