Pay Attention: Billyracxx Got Next

His latest visual effort "Quarterback" displays his iconic lyrical versatility. Produced by @AGkeyz
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Billyracxx has his finger on the pulse of the new wave in Hip Hop. Hailing from the heat of Orlando, now residing in Austin, Tx - the young talented creative is stirring things up a bit. Gaining attention from his previously released single "20 Days", Billyracxx continues to drop fire, releasing his newest visual/single for "Quarterback", which also premiered on Elevator.

What distinguishes Billyracxx is his ability to adapt in vocal performance. This ultimately gives the listener an "audible journey" in their listening experience. It can be comparable to the likes of different personalities all stacked in one song. And this compliments his animated style which embraces his "free-spirited" sound and appearance.

If you like what you hear, support Billyracxx by visiting his Soundcloud and watching more of his visuals.