"All lives do matter. But all lives won't matter until Black lives matter."

Ben & Jerry's made a bold statement overnight as the company issued an announcement declaring their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The statement - which has also been linked to their Twitter account - has urged citizens to join in the cause by not being "complicit" and taking a stand against the "systemic and institutionalized racism" faced by African-Americans.

"We understand that numerous Black Americans and white Americans have profoundly different experiences and outcomes with law enforcement and the criminal justice system," the ice cream giant confesses. "That’s why it’s become clear to us at Ben & Jerry’s that we have a moral obligation to take a stand now for justice and for Black lives."

The company's declaration makes a point to clear up any confusion that its support for the movement is anti-police, stating "saying Black lives matter is not to say that the lives of those who serve in the law enforcement community don’t." Instead, Ben & Jerry's is calling for a reform of systemic discrimination which the corporation considers being "built into the fabric of our institutions at every level, disadvantaging and discriminating against people of color in ways that go beyond individual intent to discriminate."

This is not the first a large organization has pledged their support for the movement as AT&TFacebook, Google, and the Ford Foundation among others have done so in the past. Nonetheless, this does not invalidate Ben & Jerry's efforts in the slightest; actually, this company-wide declaration may be the bravest by a major corporation thus far.

Of course, the ice cream giant's statement did not come without any backlash. Some Twitter users expressed their disgust with their decision while others even called for a national boycott.

However, there was a great deal of positive reaction to Ben & Jerry's efforts as many commended their decision to take such a strong stance on the issue.

In a time where big companies rarely get involved in political matters, it is quite refreshing to see Ben & Jerry's make such a powerful statement calling for racial justice. Whether or not this will inspire other large corporations to follow suit, only time can tell.