Fresh off his 5th place run on the hit CW series "America's Next Top Model," Springfield, Virginia based artist Justin "Daeil" Kim is ready to unveil his sonic outbreak with his debut single "Section." 

Although grateful to pursue his interest in modeling, Daeil felt the drive to push his creative genius, and unearth his hidden abilities in the arts to form an impressive EP which sees "Section" as the lead single. Fueled by gritty, grungy backdrops and confident vocals, Daeil displays his ability to finesse and deliver a dark aura for a track rooted in the exploration of exclusivity. "Daeil communicates in "Section" the rapid adaptation required of him to wildly alternate life than one previously lived..." 

unnamed (50).jpg

Produced by AymanX and J Music, "Section" provides the listener with an intoxicating journey of incendiary sounds that will "entice audiophiles and monomaniacs alike from the first listen. " 

Stream the track above and stay tuned for more music from Daeil.