Diego Delgado Debuts The Unrequited Love Story, 'Tangerine Paradise'

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Tangerine Paradise is Diego Delgado’s debut project about "an unrequited love story.” The EP’s 6 tracks flow together flawlessly, weaving abstract and contemporary productions that match Diego's deeply vulnerable and open performances perfectly. 

“I been basically living in a fantasy while having to deal with real issues…living in a mansion while going through heartbreak...and this is what I made, Tangerine Paradise. It’s definitely a journey of self-discovery...

Like you can be in paradise, and not be in paradise…in hell. We create our own happiness…our own paradise. Like even when you’re at your lowest with nothing…you still have your power, your love, your self. But it’s about acceptance of everything. Having a real conversation with yourself and facing the pain of heartbreak, or the guilt of knowing you’ve broken a heart. We all gotta deal with ourselves first. And I’m tired of not addressing mine in the way I know I should be, through music, being vulnerably open with myself and everyone who cares to listen…"