San Francisco's resident blapfather, Gark Mavigan, just teamed up with renowned Milwaukee producer Ian Ewing to drop a carefully crafted tapestry of potent wordplay, rich imagery, and introspective storytelling.

Gark sprinkles in his signature outlandish one-liners—“You're the blueprint for squares like a waffle maker”—but mainly focuses on the song's message of feeling out of place and flaunting a steelo that isn't the status quo. He also plays with the theme of time in multiple ways on "Anachronism," most notably through a vivid eight-bar account of his Irish ancestors' journey to the US following the Great Famine.

The video, directed by Oakland-based production company Kitsune Visual, is shot in Gark's Outer Mission neighborhood of SF. Gark strolls through the streets, posts on his porch, and even spits while standing on a laundromat cart. Speaking on his new video, Gark said: "'Anachronism' is about feeling out of place but staying true to your roots on some Simba-looking-at-his-reflection-in-the-water ish. The video itself allows me to shine some light on the SF Hip-Hop scene and, of course, fulfill my lifelong dream of rapping on top of a laundromat cart."

"Anachronism" comes after Gark's last single, "Tuck In The Kids," which was the follow-up to RAMENdon, his highly acclaimed Top Ramen-themed EP.  He's currently recording his upcoming LP, Good Choices, due for release in 2017.  Check out the visual at the top of the post and feel free to leave us your thoughts.

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