Reminiscent of D'Angelo, Maxwell and Lenny Kravitz, rising R&B singer James Bambu is back with his debut project, SOULO a 5-track EP showcasing his diverse musical roots that is good for the soul! The Brooklyn based artist has been releasing music throughout the year, blessing listeners with the striking soundwaves of "Rare Love" and "Evilene." Having already opened up for singers such as Elle Varner and Torey Lanez, James Bambu is ushering in a new wave of musicality in a digital age. 

soul ep3.PNG

To describe the album, James took to Instagram, stating that SOULO is "an assertion, a declaration. SOULO is the feeling that being alone isn't always a bad thing, and that being in a relationship doesn't always bring joy & happiness. SOULO is a familiar, yet comfortable, place that allows you to embrace the individual you believe yourself to be when you speak the words "I'm single." Fueled by lyrical depths and emotionally charged undertones, James Bambu is solidifying his role in R&B, marking new chapters in his young career. 

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Stream SOULO above and stay tuned for more from James Bambu