Cierra Jaye of Thrilla Seven throws one kick ass tea party.
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Take about 100 ambitious and beautiful women, gather them in one room, provide hot tea and finger foods and watch four hours of encouragement and empowerment unfold. 

This seemed to be the master plan behind Cierra Jaye's women's empowerment tea party and luncheon, Let Them Eat Cake

The event, which took place this past Saturday, brought in women of all ages and professions - all looking to network and share wisdom with each other about ways to make bank without a 9 to 5. 

The afternoon of inspiration featured a panel discussion, where some very accomplished ladies shared their secrets when it comes to success in entrepreneurship. 

One of those notable ladies was Milan Rouge, of popular Philly streetwear brand, Milano Di Rouge

The panel was asked to describe a day in the life of a woman who is her own boss. 

Milan, who has racked up more than 60,000 Instagram followers, said she uses social media to document her busy day but also as a much needed distraction so she can remain mentally prepared for her hectic daily schedule.  

"Every night I go to sleep with a goal so I can wake up with a purpose," She said. "Being an entrepreneur, you have to expect the unexpected. I can wake up with a whole goal and a whole task list and my day is just completely thrown off."

But Milan enjoys that challenge. She doesn't mind the pressure as long as it brings her at least a little closer to her dreams. 

Cierra Jaye, who was also on the panel, agreed that social media is a powerful asset. She spends at least an hour and a half of her day using it to rack up recognition for her brand.

The Thrilla Seven creator then spoke about the challenges of living in a technologically advanced world as a designer who crafts her garments all by hand. 

"We're so used to fast fashion," She said. "So you order something online and you're used to receiving your item in three to seven business days. Where as I hand make my items so I need at least two weeks."

Cierra utilizes her customer service background and includes special hand touches with ever order to ensure that her clients are satisfied with her product. 

The third panelist, Ivy Coco, a hella stylish fashion blogger mentioned she also spends her time working for a fashion consulting firm. She attributes her success to hard work, time management and encouragement from those around her. 

"I have a really great boss," She admitted, "Someone who supports me and she knows that I'm a blogger as well. She understands the time and space that goes into it."

A lot of people may assume that blogging is just about taking pictures, but Ivy mentioned one of the keys of being an accomplished blogger is working alongside brands to reach a common goal. Using her own brand to further others. 

Over all, the three ladies agreed that time management is important when it comes to working for yourself. In the hour long discussion that ensued, they gave aspiring lady boss tips on how to reach success, talked a little about their personal experiences and shared their own aspirations. 

The afternoon ended with a raffle, questions from those in attendance and 100 inspired women looking to take the world by storm. Following their very own vision with tons of new connections and the guidance of some talented ladies who have been there before. 

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