Shirley Caesar Takes Legal Action Over #UNameItChallenge Video

Although dismissing reports of a $5 million lawsuit, Pastor Caesar admits to securing a temporary injunction regarding a popular #UNameItChallenge remix and video.
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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you have come across the countless memes, remixes, and parodies of Shirley Caesar singing about greens, beans, potatoes, and tomatoes among others. However, although social media found it quite humorous, Pastor Shirley Caesar isn't laughing.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the gospel icon rejects claims of her filing a $5 million lawsuit against Atlanta-based DJ Suede who remixed the now iconic lines from "Hold My Mule" and Empire Records for the release of its less than holy music video

While still appreciative of response that her old song had garnered, Shirley Caesar admitted to "[securing] a temporary injunction and [ordering] DJ Suede to remove the video," citing reasons such as misogyny and the abuse of alcohol in the video. Caesar's post concludes with her respectful request that the parties remove the video and song on iTunes to respect her "legacy, image, and name."