14-Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed Handcuffed For Making Clock! Who Was in the Wrong?

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14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, was detained by the Texas Police after bringing a homemade alarm clock to his high school to show his engineer teacher.

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The school officials accused him of "making a fake bomb," when in actuality he was just excited to show his teacher what he had made. The teacher told him that his project was nice, but should not be shown to other teachers.

During an English class, the clock started beeping which made Mohamed reveal the project. At that moment, the school officials and police were called. Mohamed was also interrogated by the police. He was taken to a juvenile detention center where he was fingerprinted and a mug shot was taken and was also suspended from school for three days.

Many people are saying that Ahmed Mohamed was detained because of his looks. He is clearly of Islamic background, which brings race as a factor to this story. If the child was white, would the adults have still taken the precautions that they took with Ahmed?

Police claim that when they receive a bomb threat, they must take it seriously, no matter the circumstances. Teachers are also required to take certain steps in certain situations, but was this little 14-year-old computer wiz really a "threat" to his school? Did the homemade alarm clock even look like a bomb?

Many times we as a people get so accustomed to certain stereotypes, that we tend to jump to conclusions without even reviewing the circumstances.

President Obama took to Twitter and said "Cool clock, Ahmed, Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

Everyone was so focused on the negative side of this story, that no one acknowledged this young genius and congratulated him on his work.

On October 19, Ahmed Mohamed will join President Obama at the White House for an Astronomy Night, which will be a gathering for other scientist and engineers to just meet up.

I'm so happy that Ahmed Mohamed was able to receive a positive side for something that everyone found to be so negative. These children need to be uplifted and given a pat on the back for the hard work that they put into trying to make a difference. President Obama did a wonderful job at demonstrating what it means to be a positive factor in a negative situation.