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17-Year-Old Faces Jail Time Over Explicit Snapchat Blackmail

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17-year-old British boy is facing jail time for blackmailing two 14-year old boys with explicit photos from Snapchat.

The police found almost 400 photos and videos in the 17-year-old's home. The boy reportedly threatened to hack both of the 14-year-olds social media accounts unless he received sexual photos.

One of the 14-year-olds sent the teen pictures after he threatened to hack into the boy's Xbox account. The second 14-year-old sent the pictures after the 17-year-old threatened to hack into his social media accounts.

After that, the 14-year-old blocked the teen on Snapchat, the teen threatened to post the boy's indecent photos unless he unblocked him.

Prosecutor Thomas Stanway, told the Press,

"These offenses speak for themselves. We have the defendant contacting 12 youths via various electronic methods and it's clear threats were made. The sheer number of images that have been amassed make it clear this would have been done over some time."

The 17-year-old contacted 12 children, including the 14-year-olds brother to get him unblocked on Snapchat, which resulted in teachers and parents finding out because of such a large involvement of the student body.

The 17-year-old will face one year in a detention center, and will also be given a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order. The details of his order are not yet specified, and all three children remained unnamed due to the fact that they are minors.

The order could prohibit the 17-year-old from engaging in online social networking or seeking employment that would put him in close proximity to children.