18-Year-Old Nakasia James Allegedly Murders Boyfriend Then Admits To The Crime On Facebook

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18-Year-OldNakasia James allegedly stabbed her 21-year old boyfriend Dorian Powell to death, on Facebook, explaining her side of the story.

The San Bernardino police department was looking for James for over a week, she admitted to the crime, then went on the run for a week. James alleges that Powell was drunk and volatile. In the Facebook post, that James has since deleted, she stated

“Just goin tell ya nw be4 I get caught. Last night my ex was drunk off ej && was fightn me, hit mee in the face and we was really fightn and I gt the knife and stabbed him ddnt think I would hurt him BT I did he died and I’m on the run pigs lookn for me. BT god knows I didn’t mean to stab him I was mad AF he socked me in my eyes and just picked sumthin up … BTsorryy lord hopefully u forgive me! And sorry Dorian Powell rip."


The police were called the morning of January 11th, and that is when police officers discovered that Powell was stabbed to death. Officers arrived at 2:35am and found Powell's lifeless body, and James was no where to be found, she was on the run for about a week after she uploaded the Facebook status.