3 Ways To Tell If She's A Keeper

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Imagine that you have the chance of a lifetime to live out one of your dreams. Would you live out the opportunity that presents itself? Or would you have to second guess it because of that special someone in your life? It does sound silly, but this is the reality that the majority of couples experience across the globe. With all of the technology, and love doctors in the world, no one has come up with a concept that resolves relationship issues. To help identify if she's worth the headache, I've come up with the top three ways to tell if she's a keeper:

1. "Your friends like her."  Your immediate circle of friends are considered your support system and life line. When you get into the bar fight, your friend Matt wakes up the next morning wired from the previous night's festivities. Hopefully you have that other friend, the responsible one on the other side of the bars bailing you with the prepared lecture on being conscience. That might be extreme, but regardless of the circumstance, your friends tend to look out for your best interests, even when you're not thinking or acting rationale. Given the fact that they are able to predict your every move, it's safe to say they know what's best. So, if they don't like your girlfriend, you may want to be cautious and look for the red flag in your relationship. Chances are your friends aren't going anywhere no time soon.

2. "She loves you for you." We all have crazy, and awkward things that we do. Regardless if you have a million cats, or you're a momma's boy, she should still want to be with you . To live in a society where everyone has an opinion, it's nice to know that your girlfriend doesn't judge you. The ability to be silly, goofy, or a little immature at certain moments are characteristics that don't change overnight. A girlfriend that is able to embrace your individuality on all levels is a sign of acceptance and mostly that she is one of a kind. 

3. "She supports your dreams." When you become an adult, you realize that all of the things you wanted to do as a child may not be ideal. In most cases getting up, and going to work can be frustrating and darn near depressing. Most Americans that work a regular 9 to 5, hate their workplace. When your girlfriend is able to see more than what currently meets the eye, and encourages you to be a better version of yourself, it changes the dynamic of the relationship. She goes from being the occasional cheerleader, to the pep talker that will push you to your dreams. If she is willing to make a sacrifice quakily time spent in exchange of you reaching your dream, than she is definitely a keeper!!