49ers Fan Kills Friend Over Losing $700 Super Bowl Bet

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What you're about to read is a horrific event.

Instead of paying his best friend Talif Crowley (Ravens Fan) the $700 he owed for losing a game bet in Super Bowl XLVII (2013), Eddie Roberson (49ers Fan) decided to murder his buddy instead of paying up. Roberson felt the game was rigged and that the 49ers were cheated out a fair game. When the game was over, Roberson didn't pay the bet he lost. Two days later, the two men had a confrontation on a Newark, N.J. street and then the unthinkable happened

Roberson shot Crowley six times and murdered him in cold blood.

Roberson was just convicted of this crime and will be behind bars for a long ass time.

Smh, Sad news.


Source:CBS Sacramento