5 "Her" Questions With Skyxxx of Swamp Posse

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There are interviews, and then there are conversations.

Following the release of his newest EP 'Her', we got the opportunity to catch SKYXXX to ask a few questions. Keeping it as open as possible and playing off his album title, we asked questions on his best memories with the ladies. The Swamp Posse veteran, who held no punches in sharing his thoughts gave us the best answers his brain could crank out.

We're sure you'll find this interview as entertaining as we did.


Tell us about the cutest girl you ever pulled in your life.

Not to sound like a complete shit stick but I've had my fair share of "cute" girls throughout my life so I don't want to reach to far back in time. I'll just go with the most recent after my incarceration if that's cool ? Circa 2015 (lol). Won't say any names but there are 2 that really stand out on the overall cuteness level. Not just as physical appearance but in style and personality. One is really short, Dominican and has one of the best bodies I've ever seen (other best body I've seen is the other girl). She's also a freak just like me so we kind of connected pretty well. The other girl is a girl I'm still low key in love with. Besides her BOMB ass body she's a very talented singer. Her voice locks me down, literally. She's younger than I am but most times very mature for her age. She has a face that that makes perfect sense for some reason lol and we have matching hair. Also she has a simple swag, like me. Hey, if you're reading this ....OMA ET


Share with us your favorite story ever in your life's experience.

Favorite story ever? Shit, I have way too many but here's a funny one. Back when I was like 18 I was having sex with this girl named Crystal on my twin size bed and baseball cap infested room. I'm assuming she "forgot" or was just too horny to remember she had a tampon inside of her....poon poon. I sure as hell didn't feel shit while I was taking her to Pound Town until her eyes widened and she stopped me saying something around the lines of "I forgot I had a tampon" smh. So whatever, I pull out and go downtown for the tampon Amber Alert and noticed that is was jammed wayyyyyyy up in her whatever it's called. She got scared and decided to go to the hospital to get it taken out so I was like "yeah, go get that checked out" she said: "I am, will you come with me ?" I said: "Nah".

Later on that night she came over again and we went at it like it never happened. I still remember our nickname for sex.... We would call it "surfing". How ironic.

Do you feel you'll fully ever be able to trust a woman in a relationship?

About two years back I would of said No to this question probably because I simply wouldn't even trust myself. Especially given that my Baby Momma was sleeping with my best friend throughout my entire prison bid lol.

But now, I would say yes. I can trust a girl. If that's one thing I've....De-quired (I made my own word because I can) over the years is the whole "Trust Issues" bullsh*t. That's for high school kids that don't have a f*cking clue as to what they really want out of a relationship. As long as I keep it real and my significant other keeps it real with me. I'm sure I have nothing to worry about. I trust my intuition.

What was the creative process like during the birth of "Her".

My creative process during the making of the Her Ep was just to not be afraid to set my potential free. Over the years of making music I've always made a song or two about love or whatever. A girl, just never knew who the girl was and ultimately still don't. So I figured I'd compile a bunch of sad boy love songs I've made with a few newer sad boy songs I've made and just make an EP out of it. I love to turn up but the mellow shit is still my vibe all the way! I named the EP 'Her' because it's about the 'Hers' in my life. Girlfriends, Mom, Daughter, Mother Nature.... I honestly don't fucking know who 'Her' is. Probably never will.

Tell us your main weakness and why.

Oral sex. I'm careful with who I mess with and I honestly don't mess around with multiple women at once (this could be a lie but it's not). Basically bro, I love eating pu**y so whatever position we end up having sex in is comes secondary. I love to try new shit but I guess it usually ends up with the girl on top, backdoor buster style or me on top choking the life out of 'Her' while I bang away.

I'm passionate when it comes to sex. Love using my hands.... I love to feel. I'm also a savage! Which I think is the perfect mix for perfect sex. A lot of passion with a bit of savagery.