5 of Our Favorite Alex Stoddard Self-Portraits

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I usually refrain from writing about art. It's almost like dissecting my favorite meal in the attempt of explaining why I enjoy it, rather than enjoy it. But for some reason, I cannot resist the urge to post the art that I believe. And ladies and gentlemen, Alex Stoddard is one of them.

I stumbled upon his work a while ago, on Stumbleupon. His portraits are unreal, so unreal that they jump off the screen. He creates dark, narrative portraits that are fueled from a mystical twisted fantasy. Although distorted to many, the approach to his art is why I enjoy it. His work is real and uninhibited. It's free of regret and the need to concerned by opinions. It is exactly what it is- art.

I always feel present looking at his art, maybe that's why I appreciate it. He is able to capture the perfect moments of himself I might add! That's no easy task. I understand most of it, some make me question, sometimes more in depth than necessary. For now, check out our favorite self-portraits from the incredible Alex Stoddard.