5 Things to Do If You Feel Overwhelmed

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There are several tell tale signs for me that I try to pay close attention to when feeling overwhelmed. At work, the most embarrassing symptom of being overwhelmed comes in the form of being emotionally vulnerable. Feeling as if everything is just too much to bare.

How do we snap out of this physically, emotionally, and otherwise unproductive drain to our system and life?

Here are some suggestions to loosen its grip:

1. Breathe. It is the simplest, most accessible tool in your box for not only overwhelm, but for all aspects of functioning. Remember to relax.

2. Shoulder shrugs. Lift your shoulders up as high as you can, hold for ten seconds and then release. I promise you; nobody will think you're crazy..

3. Step away and gather yourself. In some situations it’s just not possible to step away, but giving yourself a moment. You're human. Even if it means taking a long break, can be just enough to give you a fresh attitude and a bit more patience.
Dont push yourself know your limit.

Learn to say NO... Sometimes it's best to pass up a project or give it to someone else. Doesn't mean you're not a hard worker. It means you care about yourself.

5. If you have some time, write down some of the major challenges that you have handled or overcome. We how we often forget our strengths and just how pliable we are. Keep this list close by to remind yourself that you are resilient and don’t be afraid to marvel at what you have accomplished.

You're a winner. Be great. Just remember to take a moment to smell the roses.