50 Cent: "Meek let Drake get him in this sh*t"

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Curtis Jackson

50 cent went to his IG account yesterday evening and gave his honest opinion on Philadelphia artist Meek Mill, in reference to his beef with Drake, and now street legend/goon - AR-AB.

"Meek let Drake get him in this sh*t. IVE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE... IT'S A RE-RUN.This is what it looks like when it goes bad."

- 50 Cent, Instagram

Meek Mill took to stage 2 nights prior on Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint tour while in Philadelphia stating that AR-AB and his crew are p*ssy, as well as cursing him directly.

AR-AB went to IG and responded to Meek very sincerely, with a message that should have fully gotten his attention.


So far, no response from Meek Mill in regards to AR-AB's reply. But honestly, we're not expecting any rebuttal from the Philly rambler anytime soon. Below is 50 Cent's picture, screenshotted from his IG.