A Drug-Resistant 'Super Gonorrhea' Is Spreading Quickly In England

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England has broken the news that an outbreak of drug-resistant gonorrhea is making it's ways through the north of England. According to the Guardian, the super-strain was first reported in Leeds in March, all cases involving heterosexual patients. 15 cases have been brought up thus far.

"It doesn't sound like an awful lot of people, but the implication is there's a lot more of this strain out there and we need to stamp it out as quickly as possible. If this becomes the predominant strain in the UK we're in big trouble, so we have to be really meticulous in making sure each of these individuals has all their contacts traced and treated." Says Peter Greenhouse, a consultant in sexual heath.

With this being said, make sure if you travel over to England and get some - wrap it up. Don't want your genitals getting infected with this, because this is a big deal in terms of your health.

Source: Vice