A Sacred Tradition: 'The Birth of Sake'

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Japan is known for its cultural traditions that date back centuries. Sake-making is one of those traditions.


Yoshida Yasuyuki, 6th generation president of Tedorigawa brewery after his father. via Facebook

'The Birth of Sake', funded partially through a Kickstarter campaign, documents the process of saké-making, showing the intricacies during the creation procedures, to the hardships carried by the makers as they are required to be away from their families for six months, instead bonding a union with their fellow artisans. Via hypebeast

The campaign had 394 backers who pledged over $55,000 to bring this documentary to life. The film crew spent six months in Japan with the migrant farmers who grow rice in the summer and brewed sake in the winter.

[vimeo 120607742 w=500 h=281]

The film is being shown during the Tribeca Film Festival which is going on April 15-26.


Head Brewmaster Yamamoto Toji. Via Facebook.


The director is NYC filmmaker, Erik Shirai. Most notably, Shirai has worked as a cameraman on the Emmy award winning TV show No Reservation with Anthony Bourdain. Shirai and five other filmmakers were involved with the film. Via birthofsake.com

'The Birth of Sake' will be showing at these dates during the Tribeca Film festival. Don't miss it.

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