Eric Andre Pranks A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown In "Rapper Warrior Ninja"

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Adult Swim’s Eric Andre Show returns on August 5 and the program has shared some extremely funny content from the forthcoming season. Before Eric's show hits television, he has been seen speaking about politics and other popular issues. But with his newest feature, he tests how well these high profile rappers can take a punch, while trying to freestyle. The series is called Rapper Warrior Ninja, a play on the similar show can American Ninja Warrior with a little bit of Wipeout.

What are the rules of the game? Each rapper must freestyle while they make their way through different obstacles: soiled underwear, a mousetrap plank, “ball swing alley,” and a snake pit. Oh, and they are all blindfolded. Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, Go Dreamer, and A$AP Rockyare all challenged.

If you want to see one of your favorite rappers get tortured? Watch the hilarious clip above. The new season of The Eric Andre Show premieres August 5th at Midnight on Adult Swim.