adidas Offers the Impossible: $1 Million USD to Anyone That Breaks the 40-Yard Dash Record

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If you can run quickly, than here's your chance to win $1 Million USD - all for yourself, courtesy of adidas.

Currently the 40-yard dash record is set at 4.24 seconds by bothe Rondel Menendez (1999) and Chris Johnson (2008). In 2013 adidas is offered an endorsement deal to anyone who can break this record. Now in 2016, they've thrown in a whopping $1M USD reward on top of the deal set in stone.

Heres' the catch.

The potential prospect will have to wear the adizero 5-Star 40 cleats, designed especially for the 40 yard dash.

According to CBS Sports, no one is even close to breaking this record, including unknown wide reciever Willie Quinn of Southern, with a time of 4.34. 300 have tried, 300 have failed.

The only person who unofficially broke this record is Bo Jackson, who ran a 4.14 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine in 86'. However, due to the timing being clocked with a hand-timer, it is excluded from the record books.

So, so fast.