Airbnb: For Travelers on a Budget

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Have you been meaning to break free from your comfort zone and travel the world but limited finances are keeping you grounded? If you have an adventurous spirit and aren't afraid of strangers, Airbnb has the perfect solution for you.

Operating under a guise similar to Uber, Airbnb allows people to offer up their home to complete strangers for lodging; with a financial benefit of course. With hosts in more than 34,000 cities around the world, all a traveler needs to do is search for an accommodation within his or her budget and then book directly with the host.

Creating an account is free. And if you're worried about staying with an axe murderer, like many E-commerce communities the identities of participants are verified. Also, both host and guest have the ability to rate each other. If you've ever used Ebay, then you understand the importance of this practice. For the unfamiliar, if you're a lackluster host or guest good luck doing business.

For a quick glimpse into the experience, check out the teaser below: