Airbnb Is Getting Sued For Racial Discrimination

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Airbnb, the $25 billion dollar hospitality company has problem on its hands after a black Virginian says the company violated his civil rights by failing to protect users from discrimination. In the meantime, Airbnb claims it's working on 'technological solutions' to the problem at hand.

Here's what happened according to external sources:

Gregory Selden attempted to reserve an Airbnb stay in Philadelphia. He was unable to find any places available, due to the lack of response from the renting home owners. Selden takes matters into his own hands and creates two white profiles, and then retries his submissions on renters he initially requested. Both got back to him promptly, ready and willing to do business.

Making an attempt to file claim with Airbnb about the incident, the company didn't respond back to his issue.

According to BuzzFeedNews:

"Selden became Twitter famous-ish earlier this month after his story about discriminatory treatment on the platform became a hashtag — #AirbnbWhileBlack."

These violations are strikes under the Civil Rights and Fair Housing Act.

Here's what Airbnb had to say about it to BuzzFeedNews... Not Greg Selden:

“We prohibit content that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group and we are taking aggressive action to fight discrimination and eliminate unconscious bias in our community.”

This case is set to move forward in the coming months where Greg Selden will attempt to get his just due for his discrimination issue. Apparently, discrimination is something that is fairly common on Airbnb.

 Gregory Selden.

Gregory Selden.