Play No Games: Alec Monopoly Uses His Art To Inspire Others One Piece At A Time

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“I like painting for my own happiness. Graffiti is my true passion and I like seeing the reaction of people when they walk by my work and it inspires them. Kids start painting because of me. I like putting a positive message out there that makes people happy.” - Alec Monopoly to Y-Jean Mun-Delsalle 

Some may consider masked men and superheroes to only be the stuff of legend and comic books, but one of them walks amongst us and has used his artistic talents to take the world by storm overnight. His celebrity murals of stars and starlets like Goldie Hawn have been celebrated by the stars themselves.

Even though few people in the entire world may actually know what Alec Monopoly looks like, his work has been praised by celebrities from Robert De Niro to Benecio Del Toro and his pieces now go for anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. 'Monopoly' may be his last name, but the money is definitely real.

Fortunately for his fans worldwide, the money doesn't matter to Monopoly nearly as much as inspiring others does.

Alec Monopoly first got his start as a graffiti artist who had experienced several run-ins with law enforcement for tagging property and working on street murals in major international cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami and London. Following the 2008 economic collapse, Monopoly found himself at a crossroads.

Playing Monopoly one night and watching news stories talking about corruption on Wall Street drove him to paint the famed Parker Brothers game character Mr. Monopoly as a a central figure in his art to raise awareness against the consumerism and corporate greed that had seemingly took over America.

With current events at the time resonating so much with people of all backgrounds who were dealing with the effects of a recession, Monopoly and his work became an overnight success.

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