Alleged Rihanna "Anti" Songwriter Glass John Says That Travis Scott Is The Reason Behind Album Hold-Up

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rih and travis

Everyone has been waiting on Rihanna's new album "Anti", but the hold up may be due to rapper Travis Scott.

Alleged "Anti" song writer Glass John took to Twitter to tell the world that Scott is the blame for the delay, and that Scott is more involved in the process than need be.

John said that it was Scott that made Rihanna put out "Bitch Better Have My Money." He also said that Rihanna's album was supposed to come out on his birthday (November 6th).

John refers to Rihanna as his wife, and threatened to fight Scott if Rihanna is involved in another dangerous setting (Rihanna was recently in a club with Scott and Ty Dolla $ign and the club was shot up).

He also calls out Roc Nation on listening to Scott, and that Scott is not a good performer. All of John's tweets are allegations by him, but they have definitely had Twitter and #RihannaNavy talking.