Amber Rose's Image Used To Implicate Her In Prostitution Ring

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In one of the more bizarre stories to come along in a while, starlet Amber Rose's face has been used to implicate others into a Los Angeles prostitution ring. A TMZ report details the following:

"...Aspiring models who came across the company's Instagram ad (in the photo gallery above) would then contact the company, and they would be told that Amber Rose was the main person involved in choosing the models. The company would then set up a FaceTime session 'with' Amber Rose, but in reality the video was grabbed from an old uStream Amber did with her fans-- the model, however, would see Amber Rose struggling with a bad connection before the FaceTime session failed entirely."

At a time where people catfish others as a source of fraud and petty feelings, you can never be too careful.

(Source: HotNewHipHop)