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The future of medical and recreational marijuana is at our fingertips, yet we still live in the dark about the endless possibilities readily accessible. One of the main issues in the marijuana community is word of mouth. We rely solely on the mental and physical effects it has on our friends and family. Thus, we limit ourselves to the infinite options of weed strains that exist in the world, which currently stands at 1,000 according to studies. But who has access to these hidden strains is another problem. Well it was a problem until researchers developed a method to help users find the best marijuana for their body and medical condition. I introduce PotBot, the mobile app that is the future of the marijuana industry.

Essentially, PotBot is a "medical marijuana recommendation engine that guides patients to the appropriate cannabinoid levels, medical cannabis strains, and consumption methods for their specific ailment," according to David Goldstein, the founder of PotBot.

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Goldstein wanted to change the way we perceive medical marijuana, providing a platform for both doctors and patients alike to study the chemical properties of cannabis plants instead of relying on the issue at hand: word of mouth and popular names such as OG Kush. People respond to marijuana strains differently, therefore PotBot is a marijuana personal shopper of sorts aimed at providing the best smoking experience for all users.

So who submits the information used to make a selection? Easy. The app uses peer-reviewed research around the globe to help users determine the best strain for the medical issues listed. For example, say John is having issues reaching the REM stage of sleep. He would undergo an EEG and eventually, upon compliance, he would begin "cannabinoid therapy" where he is carefully monitored by a doctor using different strains of marijuana to help his condition. This way, patients can rely on the chemical profiles of the strains and less about the strain reputation which again is subjective and responsible for negative and adverse effects that most people experience.

The positives of PoBot are simple. You search the engine based on specific ailments or medical issues that you are experiencing. Once you find a strain that aligns with your situation, PotBot steps in and recommends cannabis at a nearby dispensary or helps set up an appointment with a licensed medical cannabis clinic. The idea sounds promising, even ideal for the future of marijuana use. If interested, head over to for more information and how to get started with your cannabinoid therapy today.

Source: Motherboard