An Argentina Clothing Brand Uses The Confederate Flag For Style

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A clothing company called John L. Cook in Argentina is using the Confederate flag to style their fashionable, chic teens, reports Al Jezeera.

The company was founded by Ramiro Fita, who was inspired when he came across the Confederate flag while in Baltimore.

Since it launched with the flag in 1975, it has been popular and profiting since. Unlike in the United States, people associate the flag with Cook and the television show Dukes of Hazards, not slavery and oppression.

"The founder's son Emiliano Fita is aware of the Confederate flag's connotations in the U.S. but doesn't see any reason to make a change. "It’s just the brand’s logo," Fita told Al Jazeera. "It symbolizes the history of self-improvement and love in the lives of my parents." via Complex

Take a look at their Instagram account and photos below: