An Open Letter To Complex - Why not more support for rising indie-artists?

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I have just one question for the content Staff @ Complex - "Why not have more support for rising indie-artists?"

I recently remembered a moment in time when I first saw a Complex Magazine at the bookstore. There it was, double-sided with two headline covers front and back. I thought to myself "Wow, this publication cares about publicizing dope music." And so I purchased a copy, and read it front to back. It was a dope read to say the least.

Eventually over time, I noticed there wasn't many indie-artist features.

So I headed over to their online website, and noticed that it was drenched in "pop-culture". A few rising artists far and few between sprinkled in, but the majority were celebrity news headliners. I thought"I guess this is dope, but I wan't to hear and discover something new from the underground music scene."  A few mins passed by and I was on my way out the front door for work.

And just a mere five years later, let's just say there's still no indie artist in sight gracing a cover, or on the front page online. I do understand that few rising artists make it on their site, but where are they and why are they buried in the mix?

What happened? Why did the breaking indie-musicians become a thing of the past?

Now, I barely read your magazines, and the website is filled with "fluff culture" people could care less about. There are some good reads here and there, but not as many as it used to be. And to top it off, why do you guys over-saturate your publications with celebrity gossip?

Or maybe you guys were never true indie-music supporters from the jump? It doesn't make sense why Complex wears the crown, but shows no public support to the millions of talented musicians across the globe more frequently. Wouldn't that be the smarter route - to keep all options open, even if one rising artist doesn't promise you MILLIONS of page views or magazine sales?

Not sounding bitter, but I'm a bit disappointed.

Will you guys ever begin supporting rising artists who have no fame or popularity? So many questions, but I'm not expecting an answer. You guys don't have time for us "small" people with true concerns.

As I walk into my downtown office, and open my laptop to see over 1,000 new rising artist submissions, it reminds me of why publications like HYPEFRESH, FADER, HYPETRAK and Okayplayerexist. We pick up the 'valuable' slack where you guys ignore. It's the indie artists who dream to be featured on your platform - why not support them? Or are you guys too 'big' to reach back?

Why cant you give them a front page headline for once?


Clark, @CLKKennedy