An Unreleased Ol' Dirty Bastard Track Comes With This Speaker

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Ol' Dirty Bastard left us too soon, as millions of Hip Hop heads loved his music and style when he walked among us all.

The speaker you see here is the Boombox Rex (Ol' Dirty Bastard edition) comes decorated to the T, with a print of ODB's face on the speaker grill, and candy rapper print all over the exterior. Last year, RZA teamed up with Boombotix to create this gem you're witnessing below.

And as an added bonus, there's a never before heard track titled "Obey Me" from ODB, produced by fellow Wu-Tang Clan beat-master and member RZA. This is not a download, it's preloaded onto this Bluetooth speaker, along with two additional remix tracks loaded in addition.

This speaker is going for about $80 USD and is available now. Check it out for yourself.