Andrea Acevedo Paints Nudity In A New 'Creative' Light

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There's just something about an Andrea Acevedo painting that screams "look at me!" Maybe it's her usage of nudity on canvas? Maybe it's her abstract perspectives in which she wants her viewers to be slightly uncomfortable? Could it be the blending of random colors, put together as one body of work?

Or maybe its just because she's just that damn good at her artform? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Also known as 'Butterflymush', Acevedo brings a stunning collection of bad b*tches in all their blunt, outspoken, full-frontal glory, according to her definition of latest collection.

"..Butterflymush transforms the idea of nudity by painting the power, sincerity, and badassery that make the beautiful women in her art who they are, and not how people want to see them - not that they would care what you thought anyway."

Check out these amazing pieces below. And don't stop here. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Her full collection can seen by clicking here.