Apple Buys James Corden's Carpool Karaoke Series

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So the first thing you think of when you hear someone say James Corden's name is "ohhh that's the guy who does the carpool karaoke thing with the celebrities!" Or at least that's the first thing I think of. Anyways, James Corden who is the host of the Late Late Show has done carpools with many celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Sia, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, recently Michelle Obama, and many more. Apple picked up on his success with this hit segment and has bought it which must be big for Mr. Corden!

New installments of a 16 episode series will stream weekly on Apple Music and Apple Music subscribers will be able to steam it first and exclusively. I know that a lot of people love the carpool karaoke thing that James does with the celebs so I think this will be a huge success! No date has been set to when this will all start, but I'm making it my duty to watch these carpool segments once they air on Apple Music.