Arby's Leaves Loving Farewell Video For The Daily Show's Jon Stewart

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No more Jon Stewart and I must say it is very sad news to hear. Stewart was able to criticize any media, company or politician effortlessly and in a way that made all generations pay attention to what is going on in the world.

Everyone was held accountable under his run, but sometimes some people were the butt of several of his jokes. That one company is Arby's.

"Stewart has frequently used the restaurant chain as a punchline on his show, calling them everything from “a dare for your colon” to “shock and awe for your bowels.” Over the past decade Stewart has even aired brutal fake tag lines like “Arby’s: Technically it’s food,” “Arby’s: Isn’t there something else we can eat?” and “Arby’s: You think pain and grief are hard to digest.”" via Time

However, Arby's decided to send him a "frenemy" loving farewell video to him...he can no longer criticize the chain anymore. least for now.