Are These More Leaked Photos of the iPhone 6S?

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Awe snaps. Apple fans, you're in for a treat.

Apple's latest addition to it's 6 series leaked last month, which showed off the subtle changes to the phone's hardware and software. Hardware wise? Reportedly, a force touch sensor and of course, the newest designs, which many say are hard to identify in terms of asthethics. Software? Rumors that a new processor and an improved camera (as if it couldn't get better already) could be on it's way.

These leaked photos posted by the Australian website Maxfixit can be seen below.


These are the alleged snapshots from an Apple supply chain in Asia. Supposedly this is pointing out the Force Touch Sensor next to the famous home button. Force touch allows users to tap wherever you want for clicking on the trackpad. It will be covered with glass in addition, and not exposed, allowing user to over ride clicks with it feature.

Apple are at it again, slowly catching up to the technology surrounding it.