Are We On The Brink Of A Genderless Society?

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In a recent photo shoot for the Louis Vuitton 'Series 4' Spring- Summer Campaign, Jaden Smith posed in a skirt with three supermodels, solidifying his role as a "genderless" fashion icon. This is not the first skirt that the celeb has worn and I can guarantee it wont be the last. You can peep the full story here.

However, the real issue at hand is the social reaction. In a world where same-sex marriage is legal and respect for transgender individuals is finally on the rise, the media should focus more on the message behind the campaign, the deconstructing of gender binaries and the social construct associated with male and female.

Jaden Smith challenges the social norm and creates a creative space that allows us to think outside of the our brainwashed state of minds through clothing. What he's doing is bigger than Loius Vuitton, bigger than a skirt and deeper than being a man. It's all about freedom and deconstructing gender norms in mainstream media. His fashion moves are far more than ideal. They are revolutionary.

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