Ark Prefab Cabins Is Probably The Best Thing We've Seen This Year

It's a movable cabin...literally.
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Have you ever witnessed a cabin without a permanent foundation?Like literally, you can place it where you want it to go? Well no more thinking because Ark Prefab Cabins is the next best thing! 

Here's how it goes: the sides of the distraction-free box fold open. This merges the interior with the surrounding landscape with fully custom furniture made from sustainable, durable wood that is used throughout the walls, floors and ceilings. The best part is that everything is included from appliances to cooking utensils. That means, all you have to do is find some land, make a few calls and point out where you want it to go. Oh yea, the price is $50,000. But don't let the price scare you. it's an investment beyond words! For more info, visit here.