ART: Eye Opening Colour Illustrations By Suga

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Eyes wide open, period. No closing them until you've seen everything we have to present.

Japensese native, Go Suga has had a lifelong passion with “mystical seamless blending of cultures”. Preferably on canvas where his natural gifts are embedded in artistic form. It's not hard to miss, because of the various inspirations Suga pulls from to curate his works of expression.

“I would describe my work as mixture of human evolution, ancient mythology and modern day conspiracy. As all humans I am interested and influenced by a lot of things around my life like history, politics, culture, religion, chaos, social, animals, nature and lot of other stuff."

Instantly upon your eyes first gaze, you fall into trance which then leads to deep thought. "What was he thinking when he made this?" your mind might ask you. Meanwhile, the clock on the wall is spinning endlessly while you observe and examine each line, colour and shape on canvas.


Suga's art reminds us of Picasso, but in modern form. Yeah, we said Picasso. Material design seemed to be Picasso's go to when using abstract methods to express his moods. Suga adapts this style of expression and "blends" his soul into it. Ultimately, this creates a sight only seen in dreams. However, your awake - and yes, this is reality.

Suga continued: "From these elements I come up with my own story usually something like “Humans polluted earth too much and now human made religion gods turn back on them + aliens come into battle or warn us here and there” sort of thing.

Even in his description of his own work takes an abstract turn, for the the best. But in summary, here's the nutshell.

"But please don’t get me wrong I’m not a religious person or some one whose crazily into conspiracy, what I’m really into is art and in order to create my own art I just use these elements to create my own stories.”



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