ART: Martin Rinman's Photography Art is Visual LSD on Steroids x 1,000

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Martin Rinman, a Swedish visionary/artistic genius, lets his dream’s imagination power his pieces. Each work of art truly provokes different thoughts.

Living in Australia for 3 years has inspired his drawings, videos, and photographs - which in turn has helped him create his own fantastical world that appears to be a cross between reality and fiction.

Maybe more towards the 'surreal' than the 'real.' But isn't this what art is supposed to do to those who see it? That's why we titled this article visual "LSD" - it's just psychedelic in its purest and rarest form.


Just imagine having one these pieces on your wall... A guaranteed conversation starter, for sure. I'm pretty sure the conversation would start like this:

"Whoa, what the hell is wrong with my eyes??" 

Rest assured, it's just Rinman's artistic vision playing with your 20/20, tricking your mind onto a planet - far, far away. Your eyes are just fine.

Just make sure your sober and in your right mind before witnessing these works of greatness. You may have a long journey OUT of your trip down the yellow brick road.