Art That Will Blow Your F@#KING Mind

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Columbian artist, Marcello Castellani is nothing short of a visual genius, providing innovative and revolutionary techniques to communicate his overactive imagination about the world through art. Utilizing mediums of pencil, acrylics and illustration, his design aesthetic is a unique fusion of man-made and digital or the relationship between digital and photography, overlaying his art with mentally perplexing graphics that will put you in awe. His first solo exhibition is a great dive in to his perspective, deconstructing photographs to add his artistic lens. Each piece communicates an emotion, a feeling that is transporting and often difficult to explain. Therefore, I will not bore you will my rambles. Rather, I have included pieces from his first solo exhibition, 'Hilados (Spun)' for you to experience the creative genius of Marcello Castellani. Check out the art pieces above and be sure to visit here to view more of his work.