Artist Uses Hot Wax to Mold Conceptual Clothing Into Art

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With a white harness bandaged like a bikini around her body, a Digital Artifacts model dips toe-first into a pool of molten wax until all but her head remains above the water line.

To outsiders it might seem odd, but it's like a 3D printer drawing directly onto the skin.

According to Bart Hess, the artist behind it all:

"Slowly the body emerges, encased in a dripping wet readymade prosthetic. It is a physical glitch, a manifestation of corrupt data in motion, a digital artifact.”

Hess was interested in using wax because it becomes an echo of movement.

He told Post Matter:

"If you press a body part through liquid wax on water, as your body goes in deeper and deeper the shape stays, and it becomes a history of your movement.”

Initially presented as an installation, Hess' pieces have now transformed into live performances. This is a quick example of what his work looks like.

[vimeo 129969254 w=500 h=281]