Asa Butterfield Reportedly Will Be The New Spider-Man

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asa butterfield is reportedly the new spider man

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment have found their new Spider-Man! Latino Review reports that Asa Butterfield is the new Spider-Man, however Marvel has now released an official announcement yet.

Latino Reviews sources say that Butterfield's reps and Marvel are under negotiations.

"What we've been able to report on Spider-Man since last fall is that Marvel was looking for a younger actor to step into the role of Peter Parker to capitalize on a time period in Spider-Man's life that has been underplayed on screen. This new, younger Peter Parker will be able to spend some time in high school before venturing out into the greater world."

The new Spider-Man will make his first appearance in Civil War next may followed by a Spider-Man movie on July 28th, 2017.

Source: Latino Review