Atlee Drops 'Lost In Transition', An Ode To His Life's Journey

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In a world where pathways are unlimited, Atlee narrows down his options with his debut EP 'Lost In Transition'. We call it a personal ode to the struggle of being young, black and gifted. On LIT, the main point driven lies in the pursuit of success in a society where "gold rules". And the more one possesses, the better the lifestyle. However, with that comes great responsibility.

Every track on this EP touches on different topics. From finding love, happiness, wealth, peace & prosperity. Atlee does an excellent job at painting the picture vividly, using storytelling to get his message across to the listener. His lyrical abilities range from various rap variants, delivering bar patterns that entertain. Production value is at it's peak on LIT, which strongly plays a huge role in the process.

Lost In Transition

Our opinion? This EP is noteworthy. It's distinguished. Well crafted. Brilliantly orchestrated. Carefully engineered from Atlee's project studio to your speakers. And to be quite honest, one of the best EP's submitted into our inbox. We truly respect honesty on wax. This piece gives us all hope that hip-hop can be integral, straightforward and fresh.

Stream now exclusively on his Soundcloud here.

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