Live Action Trailer: 'Attack On Titan'

We could be seeing a US release date coming soon.
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Imagine the terror.

Imagine the terror.

Imagine a world where every so often, larger than life "Titans" aka hungry humanoids attack civilization. And we're not talking starving for a meal. More of the likes for living human flesh.

The official trailer has finally been released for the live-action rendition of Hajime Isayama's Japanese comic novel 'Shingeki no Kyojin'. Since it's release as a comic series September 9th, 2009, it has been well praised and received well by fans of manga.

Starring fashion model Kiko Mizuhara as Heroine Mikasa, was obviously predicted. The two-part epic has premiered in Japan on August 1st 2015. We're not sure when the release will be scheduled in the states, as many are anticipating it's American release.