Australia Is About To Legalize Growing Marijuana

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Marijuana and the legalization of this drug is becoming not only the biggest threat to government officials all over the world, but it is also one of the biggest topic of discussions.

However, some countries are willing to further the discussion by legalizing it. Australia is expected to legalize growing marijuana for medical research purposes, which will be in a new bill that will be introduced to parliament on Wednesday, according to NTRSCTN. This will allow medical cannabis to be given to patients with chronic and painful conditions on clinical trials.

"The market for medicinal cannabis in Australia is substantial. The number of patients that could be targeted could be people with epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, while there is the other spectrum of people with chronic pain," said Gaelan Bloomfield, manager at MMJ PhytoTech Ltd., per Reuters.

Looks like marijuana is looked at as an alternative aid for patients instead of pharmaceutical pills.